week 9 – Which is It? Dual or Substitution?

As we learn the many laws of the mind, I find myself stumped many times when I’m trying to discern the difference between the Law of Substitution and the Law of Dual Thought.  I understand the Law of Dual thought is based on the fact that your mind can’t hold two different thoughts at the same time.  It’s just impossible.  I have one of those minds that jumps all over the place all the time.  It leaves one thought and quickly moves onto another.  Never am I able to think 2 thoughts at the same time.  Thank God!!!  It’s bad enough following my mental ping pong ball as it is!  If my mind ever had to do double time, I’d explode.  So let’s just say that I’m holding a non-favorable thought and I know that it certainly does not serve me to hold that particular thought, so I then think of another thought more favorable – obviously, my mind has switched from “bad” to “good” so I’ve used the basis of the Law of Dual Thought, BUT – and here comes the BUT – did I not just substitute a pleasant thought for a not so pleasant thought?  Is that not then the Law of Substitution?  Hmmm…., I think I just came up with an additional question:  Can we ever invoke the Law of Substitution without it originating from the Law of Dual Thought?  If we’re purposely substituting a thought for another thought, is that not based on our belief that our mind cannot hold 2 thoughts at the same time?  Interesting.  I think I may have just clarified the whole confusion in my mind.  I’m not sure if this is absolute or not, but it would appear to be that you can’t have one without first having the other…..


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