Week 7 – Called to Greatness

We’re learning that there are no common people.  We are all spectacular and gifted.  It’s the stories we’ve been telling ourselves through the years that have us believe that we’re “not good enough” or “less than”.  Strangely enough, we hold tightly onto those stories even though they’re a great disservice to us.  You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it”, and that’s what we do.

I find myself experiencing a fair amount of resistance to some of the thoughts and ideas that come into my head.  It can be a great idea, but as it’s bouncing – and I do mean bouncing as that’s how I think of ideas – around in my head, I find various forms of reasoning appear letting me know exactly why it’s either not a good idea or something that I really just don’t want to be bothered doing.  I tend to over analyze most things, which I can now see is just a comfortable way for me to be able to put off having to make a decision about it.  Decisions have never been an area that I’m terribly comfortable with because, after all, what if I make the wrong decision?  I like being right.  I strongly dislike being wrong.  So why not just avoid it or agree that there’s simply too many things not right with the idea.  Challenge over.

Through MKMMA I’ve come to realize that everything I stated above is complete BS.  Yep, I said it.  I’m not buying into that crap any longer.  I’m simply denying, resisting and refusing my call to greatness, and I cover it all up with my story and excuses for not taking action.  I have been paying close attention to the “resistances” that surface in my life.  Low and behold, much of it is about playing a small game and staying comfortable.  The real question for me where I stand right now is:  If I were to really step into my greatness, what would be possible?  That’s a really big question and the answer is even bigger:  Anything and everything!!!  Damn, this MKMMA stuff is powerful stuff, huh?


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