Week 2 – Settling Back In

I love being back in the game as we move into week 2 of MKMMA.  I’ve settled right back into some great habits that I had previously developed but then let slip.  My days start with a ritual of reading and reflecting – working on the “world within”.  This is the time that sets the tone for my day and puts me in obvious connection with the Universe.  I’m busy authoring my life, and I just love that I structure my days to begin with getting clear on what I’ll be creating that day as well as what my future will look like.  I always say that I’m really not a very disciplined person, but I have settled in beautifully to my structured and disciplined daily routine.  If only everyone knew that they have the power to create the world of their dreams rather than just be living by default – can you imagine what would happen if everyone knew what the folks at MKMMA know?  The truth is we’re all creating our own reality – always.  It’s so sad that others haven’t been awakened to the fact that we are all capable of designing the life of our dreams and we don’t have to settle for whatever comes our way.  We have such power – the power within!

Now, having admitted that I’ve settled back in nicely to my previous MKMMA created habits, I have to be honest here and admit that there is one habit that I never fulled developed on my first journey with MKMMA and I’m battling with it here again this time through.  Any guesses what it might be???  I’ll tell you:  the weekly blog!  It’s an area of great resistance for me, and I struggle each and every time I sit down to write the weekly blog, and I also feel anxiety when I just think about doing it.  This is not different than last year.  Every week, I’d hear my “self talk” telling me that I had to get the blog done, the dreaded blog.  I’d do anything rather than write the blog.  It’s kinda like cooking dinner for me.  It’s not that I dislike cooking.  What I dislike is deciding what I’m going to cook and then going shopping for the ingredients if I don’t have everything I need.  Blogging is the same – it’s not that I dislike blogging.  I dislike trying to figure out what I’m going to write about, and then once I decide what it might be, then I have to struggle and pull together the “ingredients” before I can sit and start putting the words down.  Well, I’ve gotta cook if I want to eat and I have to blog if I want to stay the MKMMA course, so here it is……


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