Week 1 – Back At It?

This is my second go ’round with MKMMA, and I must say that I was so very excited and just couldn’t wait for the course to finally start again.  It has been very clear to me just how very much I had grown while taking MKMMA last year and the inexplainable gifts that have been brought into my life as a result of it.  That last sentence is a perfect lead in to the obvious question:  If we know that something is really good for us and produces great results, why would we ever stop following the system that brought us all of that?  It’s kinda crazy to think that anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence would stop doing something that brought true value and great experiences to their life.  How could I possibly be one of those people?  I’m no genius by anyone’s account, but I’m a reasonably intelligent woman, and I’ve been reasonably successful to this point in my life.  So, I ask again:  how could I possibly be one of those people that would stop following a system that’s so great and beneficial?  I’ve concluded the answer is pretty simple:  I’m human.  We humans don’t always act in our own best interest especially if discipline and change of habits are involved.  Habits are interesting.  Takes a while to establish one – 30 days, I believe.  How long does it take to break and lose the habit?  It’s only a matter of days.  Path of least resistance is an easy path to take.  That’s exactly what I did.  I had developed some great habits through MKMMA that were really serving me, but I let them slip and one by one, they fell away.  I will say this, though:  even though my habits had slipped, the personal growth I experienced has stuck with me, by and large.  It’s sorta like a rubber band – once it’s been stretched, it never returns to it’s original state.  So MKMMA certainly stretched me during my “first run” through, and I don’t believe I could ever go back to the “preMKMMA” Catherine, but I also know that I’m ready and willing to be stretched to the max!  I look forward to all the new growth and experiences this course has in store for me!!!


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