Week 5 – Where Does Power Come From?

I’m sure we’ve all looked at certain situations and or certain people in our life and thought to ourselves, “Wow, that’s so powerful.  How does someone position themselves in life to become that powerful?”  I know I have.  I’ve found myself in complete awe of people at times.  So what is it that would have one person appear to be so incredibly powerful verses the way we might be feeling about ourselves which is anything but powerful?

Would it surprise you greatly to find out that it’s as simple as it all starts with the way that person thinks?  They’ve actually programmed themselves that way through the years as a result of their experiences, exposures and above all, their thoughts.  If you look at that last sentence, we have experiences.  We actually have very little control over the experiences in our life.  Sure, we have some but it’s not much.  Exposure really is the direct result of the experiences so that tells us that we have very little control over the exposures in our life as well.  Then there’s thought – now, that’s the game changer.  Can we control what happens to us?  No, but can we control how we react to what happens to us?  Yes.  How would one do that?  How does that work?  It’s all about choice – choosing what thoughts we’ll embrace and discarding the thoughts that don’t serve us in that particular instance.  Change your thoughts, change your life…..too simple of a concept for you?  You do realize that we as humans complicate everything – at least us adult humans do.  If we take it all the way back to basics, where everything begins its journey, we end up at thought.  Thought controls it all, and the most amazing fact is that we get to control our thoughts!  Examine your thoughts carefully.  Choose the ones that serve you, and eliminate the others.  We’ve learned that thought is energy and energy is power – powerful people simply make a habit of choosing the right thoughts and through that energy they get their power…..


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