WEEK 19 – The Power of Thought

They say to know and not to do, is really not to know.  I guess that makes sense because after all, if we really knew something was true and it would benefit us if we implemented it and yet we still chose not to implement it (and it is a choice), wouldn’t that in and of itself say that we truly don’t know or believe it (a) to be true or (b) that it would help us?  That whole train of thought might be confusing to anyone reading this, but I follow it – LOL

Probably the most profound choice we can make at any given time would be the choice to control our thoughts or to think our thoughts with intentionality.  When I’m intentional in my thoughts, that’s when I can make things happen – as long as those thoughts are positive forward moving thoughts.  You see, I know that thoughts become things.  They do.  Everything in our existence started as a thought.  The laptop I’m typing on, the chair I’m sitting in, the clothes I’m wearing – all of it started as a thought in someone’s mind somewhere along the way.

I remember thoughts I had as a little girl as I watched my mother go back to work before I was even in Kindergarten.  She worked very hard every day, came home every night and cooked a full meal for my father and my three brothers and myself, supervised homework, made lunches for everyone for the following day – she did this Monday through Friday.  Weekends were spent grocery shopping, cleaning house, doing laundry, cooking, etc.   It appeared that she never had any time for herself – ever.  As a little girl I remember thinking and telling myself that I would never allow myself to live that kind of a life when I grew up, and I meant it.  Guess what?  I never did.  While I did work when I was raising my kids, I did so on a part-time basis and I managed to escape the life I vowed I would never lead.

What’s the purpose in writing all of this?  Well, it goes to my point of expressing how important it is for all of us to monitor our thoughts.  Our thoughts are the architect of our reality.  Our thoughts fuel our emotions which fuel our actions which directly create our results, experiences, and reality.  Everything in our life started as a thought.  If we’re such sophisticated architects, why would we ever choose to continue to think the thoughts that work against our designing the life of our dreams?  Could it be:  To know and not to do is really not to know?


One thought on “WEEK 19 – The Power of Thought

  1. Catherine, I was totally following you in the first paragraph!!! You make a powerful point when you write about the impression your mom made on you and your decision at a young age. Our thoughts are very powerful, as well as our actions and how we influence others. I saw myself in the description of your mom and appreciate your observation and perspective as a young child. Thank you!


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