Right now I’m trying to figure out where the time goes.  I know I’m not the only one feeling this way.  Folks are so busy trying to live the life they’ve worked so hard to build.  It’s crazy.  My days start with all the best intentions in the world, and then because I’m being pulled in so many different directions (all with my permission, I know), the day passes and I’m on to something else.  Sometimes I feel as though I’m trying to be all things to everyone and I end up being nothing significant to anyone.  Things get diluted without focus – even time.  Perhaps, that’s my lesson as I sit here and write this blog, and truthfully, the only reason I’m writing it is because it’s part of my requirement with MKMMA and I’ve fallen behind – much farther than I would have ever imagined.  Granted, I’ve had some life stuff come up more recently including the loss of a very close family member, which obviously has you take a step back and examine the priorities in life.  And I did just that, but I can hear Mark in my head saying it’s not about doing the best you can do, it’s about doing your best.  I cannot say that I have done my best here, and admitting that is not something that feels good.  So I get to choose.  I can continue to squeak by or I can make a commitment to myself and to MKMMA.  I’m choosing to commit to catching up on my blog posts within the next week.  I will be back on track and in full compliance.

Guess there’s not much of a message in this post.  It’s really a self-confession and admission of my shortcoming.  I’ll master my emotions today and simply move forward into all that awaits me on this beautiful day…..


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