Week 14 – Full, full, full

Once again, I sit down to write my weekly blog and as I walk toward my computer, I’m thinking “what am I going to write about this week?  I have nothing to write about.”  Of course, I genuinely feel that way.  In fact, most weeks when I sit to write my blog that’s exactly how I feel, and then I get quiet and something will pop into my mind, my fingers start striking the key board and we’re off.  I’ve been experiencing some strange sensations and emotions this week so perhaps I’ll try and make sense of what’s been happening for me and maybe even you’ll understand it.  I can hope, can’t I?

I’ve spoken and written of gratitude many times in my past blogs and some may say I’ve worn the subject out.  For me, gratitude and gratefulness seem to be filling my days and it’s a sense of gratitude for so many new things and experiences that it can’t possibly be getting old because it’s all so new!!  I’m about to describe for you a scene I found myself not only observing but also putting meaning and words and emotions into inanimate objects as I watched it.  Sounds super weird?  It should because it felt weird as I was recalling the scenario later in the day.

I was crossing the Hudson River on one of its many bridges when I looked down into the river and saw a VERY large barge being pushed by an obviously VERY strong tug boat.  I’ve always loved tug boats.  I just think they’re so cool and although they’re typically not very big boats, they’re really powerful so they make for a small but dynamic craft.  This particular barge/tug boat combo were positioned so that the tug boat was right in the middle of the back of the barge.  The barge was not loaded so it sat rather high in the water which clearly blocked the tug’s view as it made its way down river.  I was thinking how scary it must be for the tug to keep moving forward all the while not being able to see where it was going and then I realized there was a “tower” on the front of the barge allowing for clear vision of the path.  Safe to assume there was someone in the tower communicating with the “blind tug”.  The tug needed the “eyes” of the barge, while the barge needed the power of the tug.  They were working together which was the only way they would achieve their goal of reaching their destiny.  They were practicing team work.  Individually they were not much of anything, but together they were getting the job done.  I thought how grateful each must be for the other, and then that thought led me to think of all the very many things I was grateful for at that moment and there were many.

An attitude of gratitude is an amazing thing.  It just feels soooooo good.  When my heart and mind are full of gratitude, I simply have no room for anything else but that.  So if you’re ever having one of those days when things just don’t feel as good as you know they could, SHIFT – focus on what you have to be grateful for in that moment and I would strongly suggest you be grateful for all that you have – even if it’s not what you really want – because there’s another great lesson:  You cannot get to where you say you want to be if you remain in resistance to where you are.  Embrace it.  Be thankful.  Be grateful.  It’s one of the Master Keys!!



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