Week 13 – Resolutions

The journey through MKMMA has been simply incredible, to say the least.  So many new thoughts and so many new ways to look at old thoughts, too.

Here it is January 2, 2017, and I know so many people who have pledged to turn a new leaf and begin a new life as of yesterday, January 1st.  Many of them have already failed miserably so they’ve given up on the idea of creating any change in their life.  That saddens me.  It always has.  I’ve never been a big fan of the whole “New Year’s Resolution” theme song.  Just never made any sense to me why anyone would wait until a certain date on the calendar to attempt to create any type of change in their life that they were desiring to create.  I’ve always felt that with every new minute there’s a new chance at a new tomorrow.  If we want something to be different, it really is as simple as making a decision to have it be so.

This past year has been a tough one for us, full of challenges – and I do mean FULL.  This past year has been a real gift for us though, too.  So many opportunities were presented to us that opened the door wide for growth and change, and although I’ve always been resistant to change, the changes that we have seen in 2016 have been so long over due, and our life is now incredibly blessed as a result of those changes.  In fact, I wouldn’t change anything that occurred in our life this past year even if I had the power to do so.

Shifts have occurred in our life not because of resolutions we made along the way wishing to create change.  Shifts have occurred in our life simply by realizing it was not only a time in our life to do things differently but it was a time in our life to do different things – and we did!!  We created new habits through MKMMA and we totally redesigned our way of thinking.  We didn’t resolve NOT to do things.  We created habits that had us DO DIFFERENT THINGS.  We redesigned ourselves and our everyday habits which has resulted in some major shifts as well as major blessings.

Bottom line, without any stinking resolutions, here are my results:  I am Whole.  I am Perfect.  I am Strong.  I am Powerful.  I am Loving.  I am Harmonious and I am Happy, Happy, Happy.  I’ve been on this earth for 62 years, and there’s never been a resolution or resolutions that has brought any of that into my life!!!


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