Week 12 – Duh!

There are so many messages of truth that keep pouring at me as I move through MKMMA.  So often I read something that I’ve read numerous times before, as in our daily readings, and all of a sudden it just hits me!  BAM!  It blows me away that something that right in this moment is as clear as the nose on my face somehow escaped me up until this moment in time.

Honestly, the whole idea that thoughts become things is such a simplistic statement that holds the key to anything you could ever possibly wish for, that it certainly does sound too good to be true.  Right?  And haven’t we been taught that anything that seems to good to be true, probably is?  Of course, we’ve all heard that over and over again.  Why do we buy into that?  If we can just step back for a moment and look at life objectively and trace any material item  that presently exists before us back to its origination, does it not bring you back to the fact that it started as a thought.  This is true for everything, be it good or bad.  Well, if everything starts as a thought, can you just imagine the power we all possess if we just learn to harness the power of thought, if we just learn to direct our thoughts and focus our thoughts on the things that we wish to manifest in our life?  Again, it’s such a simple thought that I don’t believe that people understand the potential.  Obviously, we don’t understand the potential because if we did, we would be focusing only on the good because we would know “worry, fear, and all negative thoughts produce a crop after their kind; those who harbor thoughts of this kind must inevitably reap what they have sown.”  Wow, that statement sure explains alot!  Duh!

I have worked hard on shifting my thought patterns and creating daily habits to assist me in maintaining higher vibrations thereby attracting the things I say I want in my life.  When I fill my life this way, it’s an automatic that there is less and less of the things I don’t want in my life.  I no longer focus on getting rid of the things I don’t want because I know that any mention or reference to them will only keep them in my world.  The Law of Substitution is working really well for me as long as I keep on keepin’ on…… Thank you, MKMMA


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