Week 6 – Promises

Although there are many traits and beliefs that have been instilled into all of us by our parents, there’s one for me that has stood out ever since I was a little girl – it is never far from my mind, never!

I can clearly and distinctly recall my father explaining to me the importance of making a promise and how I must never make a promise unless I was certain I would keep it.  He told me to never make a promise that was beyond my control to complete and bring to fruition.  I’m not sure why he felt so strongly about this whole “promise thing”, but he did and it was clear.  Perhaps, as a child a promise had been made to him – a promise that in a child’s mind was very important – and the person making the promise failed to deliver?  I’m not certain, but something had made a lasting impression.  I can honestly say that I have no recall of my father ever having made a promise to me that he didn’t keep.  As you might expect, I carried that same message to my children, and I’ve tried very hard to live my life according to that instilled virtue.

So why am I sharing all this with you and choosing this to be the topic of my blog this week?  I’ll tell you why:  The ONLY reason I’m writing this blog – or any of the blogs for that matter – is because I promised to.  I took on MKMMA with the purest of intentions and the strongest of commitments.  Each day I approach my MKMMA requirements, of which there are several, and either begin each or end each by stating “I Promise To” or “I Always Keep My Promises”.  These phrases are so much more than words to me.

I guess what it all comes down to for me is my belief that we’re all only as good as our word.  If, at the end of the day, the Gal in the Glass agrees that I did my best to keep my word, I’m good with that and can put my head on my pillow in peace and good conscience.  Don’t you agree that’s a really sweet place to end up at day’s end?

I’ll see you next week when I post my blog, I promise – and I always keep my promises…..Catherine Scalisi



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