Week 4 – The Gift in Letting Go

I live in upstate New York – not REAL upstate – about 1.5 hours north of NYC.  It’s upstate to me, but many say unless you live north of Albany, you don’t live upstate!  Be that as it may, this time of the year I am especially grateful that I get to live where I do.  Mother Nature has taken her paintbrush out and presented us with the most glorious of surroundings.  The reds, golds, browns, oranges and so many shades in between give us hillsides and mountains blanketed in beauty.  Honestly, it’s just too gorgeous to be able to describe in words.  It’s truly breathtaking.

I used to view Fall with sadness.  I would look at all this beauty surrounding me and somehow all I could see was the cold hard fact that winter was coming and all this beauty really was nothing more than stages of death.  Yep, dying leaves along with the other dying vegetation paving the way for harshness of the very cold, sometimes brutal winters in upstate New York.  I saw Fall this way for decades!!!  Could never get beyond those thoughts – actually, I now know I chose not to get beyond those thoughts.   Through my experience with MKMMA, I’m learning about releasing and letting go of thoughts and emotions that don’t serve me and or the Universe (we are one in the same after all!)  I’m slowing finding that there’s a real gift in shedding those thoughts – very much like what I alluded to in previous blogs: out with the old and in with the new.  Only be letting these emotions and negative thoughts go, will I ever be able to fully appreciate the “light” that I bring to the world.  Instead of flickering and being a dim light, I get to shine in my fullness and brilliance!   Were it not for Mother Nature’s willingness to shut things down with the promise of rebirth and strength in the Spring, we would never know the beauty and the brilliance she affords us in the shedding of her autumn leaves!!  My life is now her mirror….





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