I’ve already admitted that change is something that I don’t take to kindly and something that I generally resist.  Although my position on that has not changed (no pun intended), I’ve come to realize that the type of changes that are the basis of the Master Key System, are different from making the types of changes I’m so resistant to, and I didn’t even realize that until today!  Awakenings, my friends, awakenings.

Generally speaking, the required changes that I’ve experience thus far in the Master Key System is all good change – no, it’s great change, and the changes are ones that you know headed into them will benefit you greatly if you’ll only do them.  It’s totally based on developing habits – good habits.  I’ve learned that if I’m practicing a bad habit, one that does not serve me nor move me closer to having what I claim I want, simply attempting to no longer indulge in that habit will not work.  A bad habit must be replaced with a good habit – it’s that simple.  I have been tempted a time or two to skip a piece of my new habit due to sheer exhaustion, but one of my new habits is to always keep my promises and I had promised myself that I would never skip my new daily ritual.  I must say it feels great to stay in integrity this way.  I will continue to honor my word in developing these daily habits, and I get to do this without any second guessing at all because I know these habits serve me greatly.

Now for the other type of change – the type of change that I struggle with.  First, there’s the decision involved in deciding to make a change, right?  I suck at decision making.  Just do.  The reason behind that is quite simple:  What if the decision I make is the wrong one?  I have no crystal ball to know if it’s a good decision or a poor decision.  Only time will tell one way or the other.  And if it’s a bad decision, it probably means I’ll have to make ANOTHER decision to change the result of the first decision!!!  It can get so complicated and tangled.

I know some really great things are coming my way as a result of taking on the Master Key System and really sticking with it.  There’s simply too many testimonials out there for it not to be so.  I do hope, however, that by the end of my six-month commitment to this course, that my view point on decision making and change shifts for me.  How great would that be?


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