Week 11 – It’s Not New Stuff

People can be such funny creatures.  Seems that when they come across something they don’t understand, they’re quick to criticize.  Many people do not understand the works of MKMMA, and rather than attempt to understand, they draw all the wrong conclusions.  If they would go beyond skin deep, they would probably end up laughing at their initial thoughts.  You see, this material and the teachings it’s based on is NOT new stuff – LOL   A lot of what is taught in MKMMA comes from the bible and science based findings.  Many times it’s the same message, just delivered in different words.  For example, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” (Mark 11:24) or when Paul said “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” or when modern science says “The law of attraction is the law by which thought correlates with its object”.  Each statement is really saying the exact same thing.  They’re simply presented differently.

I guess what it really comes down to is:  when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.  At this particular point in my life, I do not believe in coincidences.  I know that MKMMA has found its way into my life so that I can continue to grow in ways and in areas that, unfortunately, few people are willing to take on.  We become comfortably miserable living a life of mediocrity.  I’ve heard it said that mediocrity is half way between failure and success; average is simply the top of the bottom and the bottom of the top.  I don’t know about you, but I do not want my life defined by being labeled “average” or “mediocre”.  I live a life of abundance – and although I know “an abundant life” can look different for different people – it can never be labeled Average or Mediocre…..



week 10 – Abundance

Abundance and infinite supply – the power that comes from being able to live with the mindset of abundance and infinite supply is mind boggling.  I grew up in a family that had very little.  We always had food to eat and clean clothes on our backs, but there was always an underlying sense of scarcity.  I remember one Sunday morning my Mom had made us 4 kids pancakes for breakfast.  I was in Kindergarten at the time so I was approximately 5 years old.  As I was sitting at the kitchen table eating my pancakes, my mother came over my shoulder and asked me if I would like to have some more syrup on my pancakes.  I just about jumped out of my chair and answered “Yes! Can I?  Really?”  You see, even as young as I was, I was aware that we didn’t have much, and when I was putting the original syrup on my pancakes, I was well aware that I shouldn’t take too much as it had to last and feed all of us.  Living a life of scarcity actually became a part of my blueprint, and it has stayed with me for all these years.  Living with this mindset, you can imagine just how difficult it is for someone like me to actually believe in abundance and infinite supply.  Well, just as clearly as I recall the pancake incident, I remember my first experience with infinite supply.  It came to me when I was pregnant with my second child.

I had been told that I would never be able to have children.  As you can imagine, I was devastated.  Clearly, the Universe had different plans for me and I went on to conceive and give birth to a beautiful baby girl!  She was my miracle child, and I loved her with every ounce of my being.  I was consumed by this child, and I protected her with everything that I had in me.  Three years after her birth, I found out I was again blessed with a pregnancy.  God is so good!!!!  As my pregnancy advanced, I became very frightened and concerned.  I was terrified that I would not be able to love this second child as I had given every ounce of my love to my first born, my miracle child.  Well, when he was born and placed in my arms, I immediately fell in love with him and as time went by, I quickly learned that love is definitely one of those entities that we have that comes to us in infinite supply.  I was amazed that I didn’t have to try and love him.  I just did.  I didn’t have to fight to find the love for him.  It just was.  And then there was a third pregnancy through which I had no fear of not having enough love in me.  Still to this day, it amazes me how love is all around us in infinite supply.  Love and abundance – one is the other.  Such a beautiful realization….

week 9 – Which is It? Dual or Substitution?

As we learn the many laws of the mind, I find myself stumped many times when I’m trying to discern the difference between the Law of Substitution and the Law of Dual Thought.  I understand the Law of Dual thought is based on the fact that your mind can’t hold two different thoughts at the same time.  It’s just impossible.  I have one of those minds that jumps all over the place all the time.  It leaves one thought and quickly moves onto another.  Never am I able to think 2 thoughts at the same time.  Thank God!!!  It’s bad enough following my mental ping pong ball as it is!  If my mind ever had to do double time, I’d explode.  So let’s just say that I’m holding a non-favorable thought and I know that it certainly does not serve me to hold that particular thought, so I then think of another thought more favorable – obviously, my mind has switched from “bad” to “good” so I’ve used the basis of the Law of Dual Thought, BUT – and here comes the BUT – did I not just substitute a pleasant thought for a not so pleasant thought?  Is that not then the Law of Substitution?  Hmmm…., I think I just came up with an additional question:  Can we ever invoke the Law of Substitution without it originating from the Law of Dual Thought?  If we’re purposely substituting a thought for another thought, is that not based on our belief that our mind cannot hold 2 thoughts at the same time?  Interesting.  I think I may have just clarified the whole confusion in my mind.  I’m not sure if this is absolute or not, but it would appear to be that you can’t have one without first having the other…..

week 8 – Appears to Be Logical

As I move through MKMMA for the second time, I’m constantly reminded how this work and information is really rooted in logic.  Perhaps, I’m being simplistic but doesn’t it simply make sense if you think bad thoughts, you’ll end up with less than pleasant results?  If you think good thoughts, you’ll get favorable results.  That really does appear to be logical, doesn’t it?  It is stated “Thought results in action, if your thought is constructive and harmonious, the result will be good; if your thought is destructive or inharmonious, the result will be evil.”  Hmmm……isn’t that what I just said?

So if the logical mind can totally grasp the whole idea that thoughts become things; good thoughts become good things; bad thoughts become bad things – I find myself asking the same question – and just to be clear, I’m not only asking you and the Universe the question – I’m actually asking myself the question again:  If we’re the architects of our existence, our environment, our health, our circumstances in general, why in the world would we do anything other than stick to REALLY good thoughts and move as quickly away from any negative thought that might enter our heads?  I mean seriously, I know this — well, really?  I heard it said once that “to know and not to do, is really not to know”.  So as much as I think I know this and I believe it makes perfect logical sense to live my life in alignment with that belief, I guess I REALLY don’t know it because I’m NOT living it.  Damn, it’s frustrating.  Sometimes the hurt and heartache I’m experiencing is just too deep for me to shift away from it.  They say it’s a choice.  Again, simplistic, but again at this particular point in my life it’s so very difficult to practice.  I am a work in progress, and I will persist…



ENTREPENEUR SPOTLIGHT as reported by Eric Gross, Poughkeepsie Journal

JUNE 30, 2018 – There’s no sign of the holiday season in my home, much like yours, I’m sure.  But when I sat with this local couple last week, it was immediately apparent that they carry the message of the holiday season in their hearts all year long.

Catherine and Mario Scalisi are longtime residents of our local area, residing in Clintondale, NY for 20 plus years.  Mario comes from a corporate background while his wife, Catherine, is a former court reporter.   I had made several prior attempts to sit down with the Scalisis, but each time I contacted them they were off on some adventure.  I called them last month to see if luck would be on my side with this attempt for a meeting.  As it turned out, they were away spending some much deserved leisure time on Oak Island, NC.  We agreed I’d call them over the summer and see what we might be able to work out.  The Universe had a different plan, however.  Shortly after our call, I was given a remote assignment in South Carolina and was able to make plans with the Scalisis to meet up with them on Oak Island on my return.  Perfect!  On the morning of our appointment, I called to confirm and Catherine asked if it would be okay for us to do the interview oceanside.  It was a gorgeous day and Catherine did not want waste a moment of it indoors.  At the appointed time, I arrived where Catherine had directed me, and I must say: it was truly breathtaking.  The sky was a vivid blue without any clouds at all, and the water reflected that beautiful blue hue.  The ocean wasn’t rough, but it had waves enough so that we could hear them gently breaking while we chatted.  The beach chairs were out under the perfectly positioned umbrella, and I couldn’t help but notice a cooler which I would soon find out had much to offer in the way of libations and foods.  Food and drinks on a beautiful white sand beach with crystal clear waters and a very interesting couple.  Wish all of my assignments were this perfect.  Time flew by as they shared stories of their life, their passion and their mission.

When asked about their “previous life” and occupation, Catherine shared that one of the biggest regrets she has in choosing court reporting as her profession is the fact that, “I always felt like a parasite, meaning that the only way I was employed was because of hardships and tragedies people were facing.  Nobody enjoys being on either side of a lawsuit.  I found my work to be exhausting, both physically and mentally.  Besides, it put me on the ‘taker side’ of the giver/taker equation.  Ever since I was a little girl, my passion has always been to help others.  I was always rescuing stray animals, and I have always been drawn to the less fortunate.  Whatever I could do to help, I simply did.  Things became more complicated as I grew older and married and had children of my own.  My focus, of course, was on them and tending to their needs, but I always had my heart strings pulled when I came upon someone that I could help.  Twenty plus years ago I set out on a mission to help as many people as I could obtain financial security, but a few years back I was faced with a life threatening illness.  With the grace of God, I overcame my illness and went on to declare a new mission:  I would create true health for myself and help as many people as I could to do the same in their life.  After all, without our health – what is there?”  I must admit Catherine is a vision of health.  She looks amazing.  She is toned and fit and incredibly active in all areas of her life.  Mario shares the fact that Catherine never stops learning.  He tells me earlier this year she became a Certified Naturopathic Health Coach to further her mission of helping others attain optimal health.

It was obvious to me that Scalisis had found the perfect blend of being able to help others while helping themselves and were committed to creating true health and prosperity through the same channel, but I couldn’t help but wonder what the rest of their life might look like.  How do people like this live in the day to day world, which quite frankly, we all know can be not so kind hearted.  I remembered Catherine had told me she was a former court reporter and Mario had worked in the corporate world.  Looking at this couple in front of me, it was difficult for me to picture them in those roles.  They were both rather laid back, open hearted and were willing to show me signs of vulnerability – certainly not the characteristics of anyone fulfilling their prior roles in the work force.  Curious about their obvious transition, I brought Catherine back to the discussion of their prior occupations.  What I found out next made perfect sense to me as to how and why these two “showed up in life” they way they do.


I am very quick to learn that Catherine is quite uncomfortable talking about herself in any way that might be perceived as bragging.  In fact, Mario had interjected quite a few times already at points in the conversation when he felt she was being a bit too humble.  You see, aside from their profitable real estate investments, the Scalisis are very well known in their local area, as well as across the country, due to their very successful career with a network marketing company, Shop.com   Mario and Catherine have found their success by doing what they love to do:  help other people.  Mario tells me, “Simply by helping enough other people get what they want, we’ve been able to get what we want.  It’s simply a win/win, and an ingenious system.”  Mario continues to tell me that he and Catherine had been chosen as Certified Trainer of the Year for their company, and almost jokingly says, “I’ve got to tell you that, because Catherine never would.  She feels like it’s bragging.”  Their eyes meet, she smiles softly and looks down at the floor.  My take is he’s probably spot on!

I ask them both what is the greatest gift their success in their business has brought them, and simultaneously they reply “Time Freedom”.  Although I know the meaning of the term, I ask them what exactly does that mean to them.  Catherine answers, and again, there’s a continuation of heartfelt connection and passion when she begins to talk:

“Family is our number one priority – always has been, always will be.  Time freedom for us means that we are always there for our kids and grandchildren, just like we were always there for our parents when they needed us.  Up until a few months ago, we still had Mario’s dad who passed at 98 years old, and Mario was able to help tend to his needs and make certain he was well taken care of.  We’re able to spend time building incredible memories with our kids and grandkids, and we travel wherever we want whenever we want.  We make our own schedule and live our life our way on our terms!  Our wallet does not dictate our choices.  We’re able to go places and do things with our grandchildren that they’ll always remember long after we’re gone.  We spend our summers making incredible memories with family whether its being away in Cooperstown, kayaking, fishing, biking, horseback riding or just relaxing on our pontoon boat listening to the laughter and giggles of the kids.  We know kids spell love T.I.M.E. and we make certain we spend as much time as possible with them when we’re not traveling.  We have a life filled with love, gratitude, and adventure.”

With that, Catherine’s cell phone rang.  She excuses herself and says she must take the call as it’s one of her children calling and she always takes their calls – always.  As she finishes up her phone conversation, she turns to me breaking into a beautiful smile and informs me that they must be going as their daughter and her family will be arriving shortly from New York.


I shook Mario’s hand, and turned to Catherine to do the same but she was quick to give me a hug.  As I said good-bye, I wished them luck in their future endeavors.  As I drove away, I realized it was silly of me to have wished them luck.  Luck had no place in their life.  This couple was a living example of give more, get more.  From my brief encounter with them, it was clear to me they would continue to give – it’s just who they are and how they roll!!




Week 7 – Called to Greatness

We’re learning that there are no common people.  We are all spectacular and gifted.  It’s the stories we’ve been telling ourselves through the years that have us believe that we’re “not good enough” or “less than”.  Strangely enough, we hold tightly onto those stories even though they’re a great disservice to us.  You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s my story, and I’m sticking to it”, and that’s what we do.

I find myself experiencing a fair amount of resistance to some of the thoughts and ideas that come into my head.  It can be a great idea, but as it’s bouncing – and I do mean bouncing as that’s how I think of ideas – around in my head, I find various forms of reasoning appear letting me know exactly why it’s either not a good idea or something that I really just don’t want to be bothered doing.  I tend to over analyze most things, which I can now see is just a comfortable way for me to be able to put off having to make a decision about it.  Decisions have never been an area that I’m terribly comfortable with because, after all, what if I make the wrong decision?  I like being right.  I strongly dislike being wrong.  So why not just avoid it or agree that there’s simply too many things not right with the idea.  Challenge over.

Through MKMMA I’ve come to realize that everything I stated above is complete BS.  Yep, I said it.  I’m not buying into that crap any longer.  I’m simply denying, resisting and refusing my call to greatness, and I cover it all up with my story and excuses for not taking action.  I have been paying close attention to the “resistances” that surface in my life.  Low and behold, much of it is about playing a small game and staying comfortable.  The real question for me where I stand right now is:  If I were to really step into my greatness, what would be possible?  That’s a really big question and the answer is even bigger:  Anything and everything!!!  Damn, this MKMMA stuff is powerful stuff, huh?

Week 3 – Cause & Effect

“Cause and effect” is a phrase that we hear often, and I would say most people believe they understand its meaning.  Right?  Pretty simple.  Newtown tells us “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”  That’s sorta like cause and effect.  But what if we were to look at cause and effect a bit differently and actually apply it to our life.  That’s what we’ve done this week in MKMMA.  Sitting and reflecting gives us an opportunity to look at our surroundings, circumstances and events in our life.  When I apply this week’s lesson to my observations, I get to take responsibility for all aspects of my life.  “Effects” would be the results in my life for which I stand responsible.  I now understand that these “effects” all started in the same fashion – as a thought in my mind.  Thoughts, do in fact, become things.  Consistent thoughts even create their own pathway in our brains.  Thoughts that fire together wire together.  When we have the same thoughts over and over, we are actually wiring our brains in set patterns.  These consistent thoughts end up transferring into our subconscious.  Interestingly, our subconscious doesn’t know the difference between a truth or a falsehood.  Whatever is fed to it on a consistent basis becomes its truth.  Once it latches onto a “truth”, the Universe will move mountains and pull all types of forces into play to have that truth manifest into our reality.  Our thoughts really are the cause and our reality is the effect.  This is so very powerful for all of us to understand.  In a nutshell, it tells us that we truly create our own reality.  Wanna change your life?  Change your thoughts!!!  Be watchful over what you let take residence in your mind.  Be mindful!!